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mochi*mochi's FAQs

1. What is mochi? :x


2. What is boys' love (BL)(boisu rabu)?

Boys' love is the love/sexual relationship between males.

3. What is shounen ai?

Means 'boys' love' but is different in that it usually just deals with the emotional aspects of love between males but is not about sex.

4. What is yaoi?

Yaoi is an acronym for 'yama nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi' - no climax, no point, no meaning. Usually tends to mean explicit sex between males.

5. What is shoujo?

"Comics" or manga whose target audience is girls.

6. How can I download your releases?

New releases will be released in our channel #kodocha@irchighway.net

Here are a few helpful links on how to download on irc:
Chinnie's n00b guide
Nakama's irc guide
DiSpy's Leech guide
Mangaproject's Leech Guide
AnimeFaq's Irc Guide
Yaoi Daily's Irc leeching tutorial
Shoujomagic's Guide to Irc

Maybe one of these days we'll write our own tutorial =P Just remember in all these tutorials to replace the server/network that they mention with ours which is irc.irchighway.net and the channel that they mention with ours #kodocha.

Older releases will be put on http.

As for bt requests, we don't currently do bt. We're too busy to deal with that.

7. How can I volunteer?

Honestly speaking, the three of us know each other really well and we are used to each other's style of working. We are all really really easy-going and laid back so if you want to join, your best bet is to get to know us (drop by our channel) so that we can get a sense of what type of person you are and you can get a sense of what type of people we are and see if you are a good fit with us. If you are looking for a scanlation group who is outputting things at a crazy rate, then you are looking in the wrong place. XD We do this for our own enjoyment and at our own pace. If you still feel you want to volunteer, let us know. ^__^

8. Can I help you host files?

Definitely!! Just pm one of us in the channel, or leave us a tagboard message on how to contact you.

9. Can I serve your manga on my website?

NO. If you want to serve our files, please log on to irc and fserve the files.

10. Can I suggest titles?

Sure. No guarantee that we will do it but we will consider any suggestions but keep in mind that we are all to a certain extent menkui (especially achan ^_~) so the artwork has to look good.

11. Can I suggest shota/incest titles?

NO. We'll ignore all suggestions for these types of titles. It's not our thing. =P

12. Can I use your scans/translations to translate into other languages?

Erm ... pm us or leave us a tag about that ... We'll decide that on a case-by-case basis.

13. Can I use your scanlations to rescanlate?


14. When will the next chapter/release be out?

Scanlating is done in our free time. We do have real life obligations so just be patient and in the meantime download all the other wonderful scanlations out there ^^ Good things come to those who wait ...

15. How come I can't download from your site?

If you can't download any of our releases, chances are that it's on your end especially if you return to our splash/front page every time you try to download. This is a big clue that the problem is with your computer. Make sure you are not trying to right click to "Save target/link as..." - we've disabled that. You need to left click and it should automatically prompt you to save. If you are doing that, then check your firewall settings or any web filtering software you have running to make sure that headers are enabled. If you can download some of the releases but not all, then tag us and we'll look into it. It is possible that one of our hosts went down. And lastly, if it's only the latest releases you can't download (for example, you are mistakenly trying to download it from the projects page where we haven't made it an http link yet), then read our updates more carefully. Latest links are always put there for a few days after the initial update and then eventually moved to the project page.

16. What's wrong with the files? I can't open them and read them.

Try clearing your internet cache and downloading again. 99.999% of the time, the file was not completely downloaded.

17. How can I contact you?

Please use the tagboard to leave us a message because we check that basically every day. You can also private message us on irc or wave us down in the channel if you see us chatting. However, if you absolutely cannot use these 2 methods, then use our email address - mochimanga@gmail.com.


In addition to shoujo, this site does contain material suited for mature audiences and contains stories and artwork that depict two males engaged in a variety of sexually explicit acts.

If you have not attained the age of legal majority where you live, please do not download any of our yaoi releases.

Likewise, if this is offensive to you in any way please leave. Feel free to download any of our other non-yaoi releases though.

If after these warnings, you still choose to continue forward, you hereby relinquish your right to complain to us.