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meri- kurisumasu !!

We apologize for the long idle *smirks*. To celebrate Christmas we've prepared something, that probably a lot of you have been waiting for, which is an installment of Touko Kawai's Loveholic, the very last thing in the first volume. (Loveholic vol 1 Extra chapter)

Please enjoy it even if it's rather short *hee hee* and look forward to volume 2!! Kanpai to all mochi crews *nyahaha*

PS: BrigGen, our beloved Touko Kawai's Community's owner, this release is dedicated to you too ;) Minna, who love Kawai-sensei of course, do pay a visit!

Vieri // December 24 2005 @ 02:14 PM

Another license!

Wow, is our project list getting shorter and shorter or what? We've found out that DMP has acquired the license to Hybrid Child by Nakamura-sensei! Another well-deserved title worthy of more exposure among Western yaoi readers, so be sure to support it! Thanks to aninsomniac for the news! Everyone should know the drill by now. ^_~ Please remove the files from IRC distribution and other link sharing forums. The http links at our site have also been removed.

In other news, Bukiyou na Silent has become a full-fledged series due to it's insane popularity! Chapter 3 will serialize in the January 2006 issue of Be x Boy Magazine. Thank you so much Takanaga-sensei~~ (But her mangas are crazy hard to edit... T________T) We've moved Bukiyou back to our On-going Projects list, so watch out for more of the Silent-kun and Tamiya!

Artemis // November 27 2005 @ 12:54 PM


More licenses on the BL front! We got word from cryingstar that DMP has acquired another mochi*mochi favorite! This time Yumeka-sensei's beautiful and sweet story Dousaibou Seibutsu. It's really exciting to see our favorite mangakas get more exposure to English speakers! We hope you'll support Yumeka-sensei's work by buying the manga when it's released. *^^* As such, we will be removing the http links of Dousaibou Seibutsu from our site. Please cease distribution of it on IRC and other link sharing forums.

In other news, mochi*mochi will be dropping Junjou Romantica from our project list as I will be going on a personal hiatus from translating. Beautiful Soup will continue the project sololy, so head there for all your future Junjou Romantica needs! I'll miss Nowaki and Hiroki sorely though, but it needs to be done. *sniff* But not to worry, we will still continue our other projects. ^_^

Artemis // November 03 2005 @ 09:49 PM

Oh man, it's another one... otanjoubi desu!!!

Okay, I'll make this short. Sanaaki, our lovely head editor, co-founder, co-yaoi-addict, resident GW fangirl (or fanlady *cough*), and so on, celebrates her 1**th birthday today!! YAY!! So please stop by our channel to congratulate her by giving her birthday kicks (type !sanaakiday), and wishing her another hundred years full of joy *smirks* (Oh and don't forget to download the birthday release, Bukiyou na Silent ch.2 while you're at it).

Vieri // November 03 2005 @ 12:00 AM

Going back...

We're releasing chapter 2 of Tenohira no Seiza today with much appreciated work from the ladies at Hochuuami! More Enji and Mizuho for you all to enjoy! Head on over to #kodocha @ irchighway.net for the files, or wait for the torrent file to show up at Hochuuami's site. ^^

Artemis // October 25 2005 @ 01:47 PM

Happy Birthday Vspirit!

Wow seems like we've been celebrating birthdays lately. Guess we're all summer/fall babies. Anyway, to our fun loving *cough kooky*, wonderful *cough crazed*, cute *cough slightly demented* gal pal Von aka Vspirit, have an absolutely fabu birthday cause you sure deserve it. To show our heartfelt appreciation for all you've done for us, here's more of those cute guys in chapter 2 of Kokoro Kikai. Enjoy! Hop on down to #kodocha@irchighway.net to check it out and if you happen to see Vspirit in the channel give her a birthday kick otherwise tag her here...

I'll also take this opportunity to pimp A-chan's beautiful artwork since I know she won't. She posts her stuff at an online art community Y!Gallery, which is 100% focused on males and since you're here I assume you're ok with that *wink*. Check out their policies before you browse around their galleries just to make sure you won't get offended. Also check out her faves because she did a few cute collabs with other people with beautiful guys in different scenarios.

And because we haven't pimped our gal pal ochiba's oekaki site in awhile, drop by there and "doodle"!

sanaaki // October 08 2005 @ 12:03 AM

Happy Birthday, Irene!!!

Whoo, today we celebrate our wacky and crazy editor's birthday! Thanks so much Irene for bailing us out with the mounds of projects we have~~! Glad you've stuck with us almost a year now. XD Now before you head off for your four-day drinking celebration, we're releasing a short story by Sumomo Yumeka just for you. Enjoy Chapter 1 of Kokoro Kikai!

No birthday kicks for Irene, since she doesn't stop by our IRC channel very often. ;_; But still head over to #kodocha @ irchighway.net for the chapter and spam the tagboard here with lots of birthday wishes for Irene, ne? ^_^

Thanks for your patience, everyone!

Artemis // October 06 2005 @ 12:00 AM

2 years and still counting !!

It's a happy day today as we here at mochi*mochi celebrate our 2nd anniversary.. Of course there were some rough moment these past 2 years but without you guys we're meaningless as well :P So as a token of appreciation of your support and love, we release the last chapters of Rin (V.03 Ch 10a and Ch 10b) and also the long-awaited next chapter of Loveholic (V.01 Ch 05).

Special huggles to mochi-crew.. Artemis for all her hardwork that keeps all our lazy butts together.. Sanaaki for her super editing even when RL always gets in the way.. Irene also for her super editing.. you really make art's and sanaaki's life much easier lol.. Vspirit for always being there when you need quick QC.. without you we wouldn't be releasing this chp of Loveholic ;) .. and last but not least to all our webhost!! You guyz r0x0r!!! :D~

*phew* felt like doing a speech at an Oscar reception lol.. so anyway.. whacha waiting for.. head down to #kodocha @ irchighway.net and download away.. weblinks will be added later!!

Vieri // September 15 2005 @ 12:00 AM

Otanjoubi omedetou Artemis~

We love you lots and appreciate all that you do in holding us all together~ You've been just awesome - many many kisses and huggles and lots of okonomiyaki (I think that's what you mentioned you missed?). To celebrate, we are revisiting a story from a long long time ago in our "early" days more than a year ago X_x when we released the first chapter of Ikura nandemo suki sugiru for, ironically speaking, your graduation present. I know we aren't very original - just goes to show you how much we need you ^^;;; So without further ado - the second chapter of that story. Hope you have a fabulous birthday because you sure deserve it. I know you're probably asleep atm but we wanted you to wake up to happy thoughts~

Minna, skip on down to leech at #kodocha@irchighway.net and give Artemis much needed birthday kicks - just type !Artemisday to wish her a happy birthday. See ya all there.

sanaaki // September 02 2005 @ 03:25 AM

Tadah! The one a lot of you have been waiting for....

Rin! vol3 ch9 part B... See we're slowly getting around to all our projects... You know the drill - hop down to #kodocha@irchighway.net to download it - we have an xdcc bot too so try and see if you can get decent speed from our bot %mochi|releases.

Anyway, so I've been thinking about food a lot lately - when do we not lol. I just had lots of yummy japanese food. My recent favorite is Takoyaki which I didn't like when I was in Japan but Vieri swore it was good so I tried it again here and they make it really delicious at this one place near me. I was totally sold. What particular japanese food floats your boat? Tag us and let us know. I wouldn't mind trying out some new dishes. I tend to do omakase a lot so let's just think of this as an exercise in that ^_~ (sort of) lol.

sanaaki // August 23 2005 @ 04:05 PM

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