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Number 1 in the poll...

Junjou Romantica v3 ch2-5 are out, thanks to all the hard work from Beautiful Soup. Hope you guys enjoy more Misaki, Usagi-san, Hiroki and Nowaki~~ Hop on down to #kodocha or #possible-soup @ irchighway.net for the chapters. ^^

Artemis // August 15 2005 @ 09:23 PM

Happy Birthday, Vieri~

...and many more! ^_^ Hope you enjoy your special day~ As a present, we're releasing Happy Happy Birthday a Prince of Tennis doujinshi by Seven Gorizawa! Featuring my favorite pairing *cough* Ohtori x Shishido. *cough* They remind me of Nowaki and Hiroki from Junjou Romantica. *^^* Anyway, come on down to #kodocha @ irchighway.net for the file. ^^

Artemis // August 07 2005 @ 12:17 AM

May the Muses smile down...

With much effort from Hochuuami (much love and thanks for working with us~~), we bring you Fujimi Orchestra Chapter 5. The manga ends here, but Kei and Yuuki's love is just beginning. I hope you all got more of a taste of the world that is Fujimi, as it is one of the purest and beautiful BL romances that I've read. I can't help but to cheer on Kei, Yuuki, and the others as I watch them take their steps in becoming world-class musicians. Really, a must read for all BL (and music!) fans. Perhaps someday readers will be able to read it in its entirety in English... But that depends on all of you, ne? ^^

Anyway, skivvy on down to #kodocha @ irchighway.net for the chapter (torrents will be available from Hochuuami). Hope to see you there. ^_^

P.S. See, the poll below has no bearing on our project releases or priorities. :P

Artemis // July 29 2005 @ 03:01 PM

Another title licensed...

Great news although some may not think that ^_~. DMP has just licensed G-Senjou no Neko. DMP seems to like the manga we've been scanlating. First Keijijyou and now G-Neko. They have great taste *g*. I for one am excited because I'd love to own it in english. Sad to see it go especially since Artemis had the next chapter translated. It was a doozy though with the sfx so in a way I'm rescued from the pain and agony of cleaning and editing it lol *cough*.

So anyway, we're going to remove all download links to G-Neko on our site (as soon as Artemis wakes up), and please cease distribution of our scanlations on IRC or otherwise. Show your love and support for Atsushi, Kousaka and Riya and of course Tooko Miyagi by buying the manga when it comes out from DMP!

And on to the poll. We want to get an idea of which project you guys favor most...

Which manga do you want us to focus on scanlating (in other words, which one is your favorite project)?

Which manga do you want us to focus on scanlating (in other words, which one is your favorite project)?

Fujimi Orchestra7069.7
Junjou Romantica253134.7
Kikagaku Ehon2843.9
Tenohira no Seiza3524.8
Total votes: 7292
G-Neko download links removed.

We'll also be removing complaints from the tagboard that G-Neko's been licensed. We're supposed to be here to show our support. So please do so. ^^

sanaaki // July 12 2005 @ 02:37 AM

Mmm... Hachimitsu...

Today we bring you another release, Honey Baby Chapter 5, which concludes the story arc and our first joint with Nakama. Lots of thanks to Nakama for all their efforts to bring this project to completion. It was a pleasure. ^^ So! See what's in store for Tachibana and Aizawa's fate by stopping by #nakama or #kodocha @ irchighway.net.

Artemis // July 09 2005 @ 03:46 PM

More music for your yaoi soul...

Come read more about the beautiful music and intricate emotions entwining Kei and Yuuki in Fujimi Orchestra chapters 2-4, our joint with the lovely girls at Hochuuami. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. And everyone, thanks for all the love and support - we really appreciate it. It's nice to know that people are enjoying all this delicious BL ^_~ Anyway, you know how it goes by now (I hope), skip down to #kodocha @ irchighway.net and download the goods! See ya there...

sanaaki // July 07 2005 @ 12:20 PM

1M hits! ~!! minna, doumo arigatou!!

this is seriously cool, it felt like only yesterday (okay maybe a while ago) that we started out this project.. can't believe that we reached the 1-millionth-hit already!! thank you loyal mochi enthusiasts!! it really feels great knowing that more and more people everyday enjoy the mangas we like too!! hee hee..
soooooo.. just like in any other parties, let's drop the speech, and just paaaarrrteeeeeeyyyyy!!! since you guys have been behaving well these couple of weeks, we decided to throw a big celebration for the 1million hits!! And so, here you go.. enough bishies for everyone :D~
Wrapping up some projects, here are Hybrid Child v01 Ch 3B, and v01 Extra Chapter, and Lent - DN DJ part B.
Then on to one of the most anticipated titles, here is Rin v03 Ch9A.
And last but not least, a really super duper cute two-shot by the cool mangaka Asako Takaboshi (Private Table): Kikagaku Ehon part A

Now remember kids!! BEHAVE!! DON'T SPOIL THE FUN FOR EVERYONE!! For now, hop to IRC and download away if you can. If you can't, be patient and wait for the weblinks!

Vieri // June 24 2005 @ 04:07 PM

Bonus Fujimi music

I'm quite the dork and dug out all the music mentioned in the series Fujimi Orchestra. Since sanaaki and others showed an interest in the music, I thought I'd post some of the mp3s for our readers to listen to as well. First up, Mozart's famous Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.

Artemis // June 14 2005 @ 12:42 PM

Joints - Double the fun

Today we're finally bringing you one of my pet projects, one that I've been anticipating for almost a year. *really excited* I'm sure most people know about Fujimi Orchestra from the OVA that was released, but having read the novel series, I felt it did no justice to the beautifully pure love the develops between Kei and Yuuki. I was very excited to find out that a manga version was planned for it, and really could not contain my enthusiasm for it. I shared this information with sans, and lo and behold, a joint with Hochuuami came about. The manga still does no justice to the novel series, but it does go more into detail than the OVA. I hope everyone gets to share in this wonderful series.

Our other project with Hochuuami that we're releasing today is another sweet manga illustrated by Honami-sensei, called Tenohira no Seiza. Stars and a childhood friend theme, hope you enjoy it. ^^ Special thanks to everyone at Hochuuami for making these projects possible.

Artemis // June 09 2005 @ 01:02 PM

Some more bishies for you~

Hope you guys don't get spoiled by us but here we are with two delicious releases. Please don't make us regret it and start hounding us for http links. We had to ban a country from our site, don't make your country the next one on the list.

Back with another yummy installment of Shungiku Nakamura's Hybrid Child ch3 part a. Funny, cute and sorrowful tale of three childhood friends during a war-torn Japan as they leave behind their light-hearted days for ones that may bring heartbreak. You know you want to read it ^_~

And to sweeten the pot, more of our yummy bishies from Tooko Miyagi's G-Senjou no Neko in vol 2 ch2 where we learn more of our stray cat's history and also what exciting momentous meetings occur - da da da dum... How can you resist? You know the drill, get your fixes at #kodocha@irchighway.net and read and drool to your heart's content... Join ya there~ Man those guys are cute!

sanaaki // May 16 2005 @ 08:08 PM

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