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If you guys keep on asking for the download links, note that we might do something stricter than delaying it for a couple of days. If it keeps on happening, we might consider to remove all download links, and not post any new ones in the future. (And also remove the tagboard). For those of you who keep on breaking the rules over and over and oveeeeerrrrr, please be considerate. You're spoiling the fun for everybody else, not only yourself!!

It is NOT hard to read the rules a few centimeters above you, before you post on the tagboard.

Vieri // May 11 2005 @ 04:20 AM

Letters~~ :x

After the big shocker with Professor Miyagi at the end of v2ch3 in Junjou Romantica, we finally bring you the conclusion of the arc, plus more some. We're releasing Vol 2 Ch 4, 5, Vol 3 Ch1 with the wonderful staff at Beautiful Soup. I love Hiroki and Nowaki sooo much after this chapter, and I hope you all do too!!! *ignores poor Misaki and Usagi-san* XDDD Well, drop on over to #possible-soup or #kodocha @ irchighway.net for the releases, and we'd love for hosting offers for these chapters too. ^_~

We're looking for scanners for Loveholic Vol 2! Why? Cuz I hate scanning, and I need someone to help lighten my workload. ToT Must be willing to bend the book, and scan at 300 dpi. Hate editing out gutter shadow, ya know? We really need a scanner to help keep this project going! :o Leave us your email addy on the tagboard, or find our email on the site and email yourself. ^^

Artemis // May 07 2005 @ 06:29 PM

attention attention ~

Before I'm announcing anything about a new release, I would like to take this chance to beg people, to pleaaaassseeeeee read our FAQ or at least our news before asking a "duh it's right in front of you" kind of question on our tagboard :3 ... and and.. ohm nevermind I'm not even sure if people read this.. heh heh.. let's cut to the chase.. we're releasing the long awaited Loveholic Ch. 4!! It's 69 pages full of action!! (and cuteness.. auugaaa .. ken-chan kawaii.. dai-chan kakkoii!!!!!!).. as always weblink would be added later.. for now hop on irc.. #kodocha@irchighway.net and download away! Would be nice if anyone wanna volunteer to help host the file on http since it's a monster file hee hee :3

Vieri // May 05 2005 @ 06:54 PM


We're releasing a project today that we finally picked up some steam on lately! Honey Baby chapter 4 is finally out! Special kudos to our joint partner at Nakama for a lovely job as always. Hop to #nakama or #kodocha @ irchighway.net to download the new release.

Artemis // April 24 2005 @ 12:46 PM

Rin baby!

Hoo boy ... sorry for the long delay on Rin chapter 8B. Been busy *cough* watching doramas *cough* ( H2, Sekai no chuushin de..., Double Score, Fireboys, and Orange Days if you're interested =P). Anyway, without further ado... more Sou and Katsura for you. You know the drill, hop on down to #kodocha@irchighway.net and downlown the goods *g*... Oh and also check out the awesome oekakis Artemis and Vieri have been drawing on our gal pal ochiba's board. We linked her board in our links section now. I think I'm gonna have to start watching Bleach now that achan has drawn a cute bishie from that anime. I could never resist sexy guys... So if I disappear again for inordinate amounts of time, you know who to blame XD

sanaaki // April 05 2005 @ 12:58 PM

Neglecting? No... not neglecting. :x

Well, here's the first chapter of the Soshite Koi ga Hajimaru novel. Took long enough, sorry! Hopefully the second chapter won't take nearly as long. :x We do have a different policy for our novel translations, so please be sure to read the disclaimer! You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to read the chapter. We won't be putting the novel chapters behind a download script, so everyone will be able to download it, but please, don't abuse the http links by direct linking to the chapters. If we find it happening, it will go back behind the download script. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Web links:
Soshite Koi ga Hajimaru Novel Vol 1 Ch 1 (link)

Artemis // March 26 2005 @ 08:18 PM

ole ole..

Releasing Hybrid Child chapter 2 .. in a row.. somebody must really like it a lot *snickers* .. so just being curious.. do u guys cry reading this manga? achan sed all the chapters are sad and touching and such but i dont find them that way.. :o .. he he..

so umm.. u guys know the drill.. hop to #kodocha@irchighway.net .. c'ya there..

Vieri // March 25 2005 @ 05:16 PM

Some more bishies...

Introducing another project that Artemis just really wanted to share by the same mangaka as Junjou Romantica so you know it's going to be sweet and good. Come read about Kotarou and Hazuki in the first installment of Hybrid Child ^__^ Drop by #kodocha @irchighway.net and download it!

Also we've recently reconnected with one of our old time online gal pals who is running a great oekaki board so I'm here to pimp it! Drop by her board and draw us something ^_~ Make sure to follow her rules. It's at http://www.ochiba.net. Love ya ochiba!! And Artemis has drawn there so definitely check it out. Achan is an awesome artist. See ya in the channel!

sanaaki // March 20 2005 @ 12:18 AM

Keijijyou na Bokura Licensed!

Yay, we're so ecstatic that our very first project, Keijijyou na Bokura, was recently licensed by DMP! Kanpai!! It's really deserving and we're sure that DMP will do a great job on it. Although it kind of makes us sad to see it go... It was our first project after all. *sniff* All that grappling with Kansai-ben and editing the text all over the hair... haha.

So, administrative business. We've removed all download links to Keijijyou na Bokura on our site, and we ask that the chapters cease distribution on IRC. Show your love and support for Houryuu and Shouin by buying the manga when it comes out from DMP!

Artemis // March 11 2005 @ 05:26 PM

i'm prollie not the right person to update.. but...

weeeeee cant help it.. its a new layout.. and its orange!!! its my favie colour!!! mamma miaa... *hugglez our achan* its so cute, isnt it ? nee nee nee?
yeah so ermm .. hi peeps.. hisashiburi.. i havent done anything mochi-wise this past couple of months cuz real life got in the way.. but i got the honour to update today and i'll use it wisely :3
We're releasing Keijijyou na Bokura ch. 7. The End.
ok not.. *scratches head* we're also introducing (or welcoming heh heh) our new editor iarly! *applause* its really nice that ppl are willing to help edit and such since sanaaki was our sole editor and i felt so bad for her cuz she had to do so much work and that achan had to help her edit every once in a while lol.. and also this means we might be able to produce faster!! (yeah right, right!?) ok lets not ramble here.. and urm.. as usual.. please hop onto #kodocha@irchighway.net and download away..

Vieri // March 05 2005 @ 04:09 PM

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