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Sou *heart*

so umm.. lemme make this short.. despite of me and artemis being on vacation.. sanaaki did what it takes to put out MORE SOUUUUUU for you crazy fangirls out there.. *kyaaaaaa Souuuuu* .. *cough cough* Yep that's Rin Ch2B.. hop over to our channel #kodocha (oh we're moving back to irchighway.net by the way.. *blame sanaaki*)

Oh by the way.. if anyone cares.. Rin volume 2 is gonna be released on July 24th.. *kyaaaa sooouuuu*

Addendum: We're quite serious about banning people from the site who don't read and persist to post on the tagboard about putting up http links. Hopefully this way we'll only punishing those who deserve it and not everyone.

Vieri // May 22 2004 @ 01:04 PM

Addicted to love *_____*

It's time for a new release!! *drum rolls* It's Kawai Touko *yatta* and it's vie's favie title! *weeee* So can we get a round of applause for Loveholic Ch 1 ?? :) Actually make it 2 rounds cuz this was a painful manga (painful to translate, painful to edit, and painful to QC).. but we did it anyway cuz its just too good to skip ho ho ho... thanks to my galpals for listening to my selfish wish and endure a lot of pain by doing this manga *snickers* (don't give up yet ok girls ;)

And as usual, hop to our channel #kodocha @ irctoo.net, and the weblinks will be posted later.. so DON'T bother to ask for it.. like we have said a numerous of times, we are annoyed by those questions asking for weblinks.. so don't push our buttons..

And also like Achan said.. we've never failed to post the weblinks for every single releases we had.. so it is EVEN MORE annoying to see people asking for those weblinks when they're already right there under their noses.. Please read the NEWS section more carefully before asking anything.. I think it's just fair (and polite) for people to read our news update instead of just going straight to projects section to download the files.. don't you agree?? nee nee? :x

Vieri // May 16 2004 @ 11:39 PM


Wai, I want to thank everyone who's wished me congratulations, especially my gal pals sanaaki and vieri! *huggles* But they sure wasted no time with the slave driving... ;_; What's a girl have to do to get a break around here? Just kidding! And with that we present chapter 4 of Keijijyou na Bokura from Volume 2 and the conclusion of Dekiru Otoko ga Suki Nanda! Ch 2 and 3. Also, thank you for the 200k hits everyone! :D

Since we moved, hop on to #kodocha @ irctoo.net. We won't be serving in our old channel on irchighway.net.

Artemis // May 08 2004 @ 12:12 PM

Oh well ... moving ...

We gave it our best shot ... gave irchigway benefit of the doubt ... looks like we have to move ... so join us at irctoo.net ... see ya there...

Addendum: Just in case it wasn't clear ... we're not moving our website, we're just moving our channel to another irc network. :x

sanaaki // April 30 2004 @ 07:51 PM

Congratz to our Artemis! ~ Sotsugyou Omedetou!!

Hoi.. sowie we've been idling.. but here ya go, a release to celebrate achan's graduation ^__^ *clap clap clap*

We released a new title, Ikura Nandemo Sukisugiru (or I love you too much) by Rie Honjou. It's cute, but we're only doing this one chapter (dont worry its not a cliffhanger, its settled after the first chp) cuz its just a special release for a special occasion ^^. Bet u guys want us to concentrate on our older projects anyway ha ha..

So! Go get our file at #kodocha @ irc.cruelfate.net or irc.highway.net (try us.irchighway.net) and give achan a good congratulation-kick ^__^ Ja..

Vieri // April 28 2004 @ 11:18 AM

For the record...

Well by popular tag ... another chapter of rin (chapter 2a) for you guys.

Edited: We cleared up misunderstandings so it's all good. But just to keep the record straight, we have always had Rin as a future project from the time we started our group back in Sept 2003. We've had it scanned and partially translated (just we work slow, got backlogged, and didn't get around to qcing the translations for awhile). Artemis has always had it in her list of favorites on the staff page from the time we opened the site. Anything anyone may have heard to the effect that we "stole" the project is absolutely untrue. If you want to hear more details, ask us. And to those spreading unfounded rumors that we stole it, get a life.

Addendum: For those that are asking about what we mean about scanlating rights, I excerpted that part of the removed editorial here.

sanaaki // April 12 2004 @ 11:23 PM

Now you kno why..

.. did Riya act like that at the end of chapter 1 :3 hehe.. that is if u still remember at all.. but so yeah.. releasing G-senjou no neko (Black) Vol1 Chapter 2 .. Weblink wud be updated later.. so for now.. hop to #kodocha @ irchighway.net to grab the file ^__^

yea yea we hear ya.. keiji and rin huh.. dun worry dun worry.. those are up next.. (dont ask when ;)

Vieri // April 06 2004 @ 02:34 PM


No more Cut but never fear! More angst is here ... Oh the angst ... love Rin, hope you do too ... incidentally, now that Cut is really over, how about tagging us with which is your next favorite so that we can keep that in mind when deciding which ones to work on next? Anyway, you should know the drill by now ... Hop on down to #kodocha @irchighway.net and download Rin ch1B and don't forget to check out Artemis' cool lesson on kyuudou ... see ya there ...

sanaaki // April 03 2004 @ 11:32 PM

yay another release ...

So we have a special *cough* surprise *cough Eiji* for you this time ... drop by #kodocha @ irchighway.net *cough* to download it and find out *cough Chiaki* what it could possibly be ... ^__~ Man am I coming down with a cold? Is there a doctor in the house? See ya there ... ja ne ...

sanaaki // April 01 2004 @ 12:09 AM

no more ebil cliffhangers..

so.. which one do you prefer.. to cry out 'i want more!! this ish too ebil!!' over ebil cliffhangers.. or to finally see the end?

too bad for those who picked the first one.. we finally came to the end of Cut! Now hush hush, hop over to #kodocha @ irchighway.net and grab Cut chapter 5 from fserve, and see how things ended with Eiji and Chiaki!! weeeee

And thank you for all your support and love for cut.. and also to those who volunteered webspace for this manga.. now stop crying! ;)

Addendum: Requests or no requests for http links have no bearing on when we post the links. Unless Artemis is in a really, really bad mood, then she may delay posting. >.>;;; So it's futile to keep asking, and we don't want to see it. Wakatta? So go download and thank Tania bunches for increasing bandwidth load on her host.

Vieri // March 23 2004 @ 02:20 AM

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